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Brand Tone of Voice Management

Brand Tone of Voice

What is a brand tone of voice, I hear you ask. Well, when you start a new business, you’re creating a brand. And as such, you need to consider what you want your brand to be and what you want it to say about your business and the services it offers. You do this with the way you write, the imagery you choose, the way you choose to present your business to the world, and the way in which you talk to your customers – hense your tone of voice.

A brand is so much more than a logo and a colour palette. Your brand has a personality; something that appeals to your customers and makes them keep coming back. This is why developing and maintaining a tone of voice for your brand is so important. The way you communicate with customers plays a big part in demonstrating your brand personality so it’s important to get it right. Communication is key and Mint Feather is here to deliver! Not sure where to start with your brand? Get in touch today to get started.



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