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Can you rely on AI-generated content?

Let me guess, you’re wondering if it’s okay to just throw a couple of prompts into ChatGPT and leave it to the AI to generate your content? It’s a nice idea, but realistically we’re still a far way off. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be using these exciting new tools at all. No, it just means you probably want to go through the content before publishing it online.

ai generated content

Embracing new technology.

As with the early stages of any new technology, if you’re creating content generated by AI, you will still require a human editor to ensure quality output. There are plenty of great tools for you to explore, but if you want to preserve your brand’s credibility then quality control is key.

It’s an exciting time for technology, and it feels that around every corner there’s another breakthrough that’s just waiting to blow our minds. It helps you look forward with hope of a better future where menial work becomes a thing of the past and we have more time to focus on big picture thinking…But, alas, we’re not there yet.  

Using AI to generate your content.

Employing AI writing tools to get you started on your content is becoming increasingly popular. They’re a great help to get your creative juices flowing and can save heaps of time. But we all know there are multiple considerations that go into a content strategy, so you need to ensure the content being produced is in keeping with what you’re trying to achieve.

It’s also important to remember that your audience (and Google’s bots) want you to produce informative content; something that is answering a user’s question or satisfying their search intent. A key point here is ensuring accuracy. ChatGPT is fantastic at churning through a vast database to produce content quickly, but not so good at picking out the truth from the lies. The last thing you want is for your customers to come across inaccuracies on your website that could cause reputational damage!

Focus on your audience.

Don’t forget your objective is to connect with your audience. Part of what makes content engaging is the human element. You have given your brand a personality, which is reflected in the way you present information. You want your brand to shine through every piece of copy.

Human writers have empathy for their readers. You know the best way to speak to your audience, in a manner that is easy for them to understand, and using language that they would expect. Context is key when it comes to content, and such nuances in the way we communicate with one another can easily be missed by AI technology.  

Further, AI is not so good at ensuring there’s an easy flow to writing and sometimes the result is a piece that feels as though it jumps around from idea to idea. A human editor can proofread your AI content and easily edit to create a more natural flow.

The dangers of not checking your AI generated content.

There are hundreds of examples online of when AI-generated content goes awry. Mostly, they’re entertaining – an extra finger here, some strangely placed teeth there – but you certainly wouldn’t want these images on your website in place of some well-designed and curated imagery.

Another factor to consider is the importance of originality. Chat GPT is still not coming up with any new ideas. I’m not sure if this will change in the future, but currently that’s not how the language model is set up. It relies on access to – albeit vast amounts of – existing information to create content. ChatGPT may be able to do this incredibly quickly, but at this point it’s not creating anything that hasn’t already been created before, extrapolating as a human mind might. To this end, there could be a risk of plagiarism, which would have a negative impact on your website SEO.


Protect your brand.

As this article indicates, we’re still in a transitional stage with AI-tools, and more data, and indeed time, are required before you’ll be ready to let AI run wild with your blogs. Well, certainly if you want to preserve the integrity of your brand.

For now, we’re still not there. A well-written piece can sound convincing but be completely fabricated. And that’s a big risk. A huge part of a well-executed blogging strategy is the research, and these AI models rely on quality content being input. Like with the freaky hands images, it’s the prompts being input that can be half the problem.

When it comes to your website, it’s not just about relevance it’s about accuracy. If you don’t have time to copyedit your AI generated content, hire a professional editor to help you preserve the quality of your content.

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