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Proofreading, Editing & Copy Revisions

Proofreading & Editing Services

AI-generated content through sites such as Chat GPT is becoming increasingly popular, no doubt making the lives of small business owners considerably easier. Most business owners are time-poor and if you don’t already have the skills in your wheelhouse, the time involved in properly researching and producing quality and relevant content for your website can be too much. So, it’s easy to see why taking advantage of AI software than can produce content for your website in a matter of prompts is so appealing. But it still requires the keen eye of an expert editor for proofreading and copy-editing purposes. That, and of course, fact checking!

Even if you’re writing your own blogs and website copy, it helps to engage professional proofreading services to ensure consistency, clarity of message, and that your copy stays on topic. Writing effective marketing copy is a skill that requires constant honing, so if you’re don’t have the time yourself then why not engage the proofreading and editing services available from Mint Feather Creative?

Proofreading and editing


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